Laterna+Partners is a collaborative design firm that offers architectural design and construction services at various scales and believes in the power of interdisciplinary work. Our team delivers this mentality with a technique strengthened by BIM-based studies and participatory set up which is supported by a ‘Partner’ System.


Throughout the process between concept design and building completion, we offer innovative solutions which balance our architectural and functional approach with our clients’ financial and speed expectations.

We improve the energy modeling which are generated during the early design process and also take forward the complicated masses which may be formed after structural analysis.

We provide an inter- disciplinary coordination through our BIM-based work process, which enables the assimilation of data on time, cost and space in the same building model, while creating a productive and participatory managed working environment. Through these steps, we minimize the errors which may affect the construction process and offer the contractor a financial advantage.

BIM (Building Information Modeling)

Considering the up-to-date design and practice needs, BIM (Building Information Modeling)-System provides convenience and lots of valuable data. Laterna+Partners and our solution partners play a eading part as a pioneer in this field. Through our experience gathered from different type of projects at various scales (30.000–650.000 m2), we offer BIM consultation services. Our standard project production process also includes: Creation of BIM-Models for various projects, creation of 4D Simulations while connecting the work programme with the building model, Overlap-Controls between the 3D building model, electrical plans, static plans and mechanical system drawings.


At Laterna+Partners we produce turn-key projects together with our solution partners through the “design & build” principle. With the help of this principle, we aim to overcome the problems which may occur when the designer and the constructor are from different firms. We follow the whole process from beginning to end and take all the responsibility. We utilise the BIM-System from the early design stage, to the field and make sure that the project drawings match what is being built in the field and that the whole process runs error-free.



Hayri Demircapa

Founder & Architect

Esra Gezegen


Can Serifoglu

Architect, Msc

Ezgi Salman


Hilal Sensoy

Civil Engineer, Msc

Deniz Sensoy

Civil Engineer, Msc

Hamza Ertan

Mechanical Engineer


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London, UK

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